Schedule of  Events in Central Pennsylvania and beyond

Central PA Tractor Pullers will not be having a "Brawl at the Hall" event in 2022.  The event that I had listed for Centre Hall on September 17th was an error in my listing.


Please send me your event info, Date and time, location, event name, event particulars, contact person, phone number, day of event contact info if different, website, email address, facebook weblink address, schedule dates for next year as well so I can be ahead of the game for a change.


Schedule provided as a free service from your announcer, Dennis R. Heggenstaller, Coburn, Pennsylvania.
Cell: 814-571-0159  |  Email: 8145710159

This schedule lists not only events that I am involved with but also many other agricultural type events.


EXCEL VERSION - with macros:

Tractor Pull Schedule 2022, v024 2022-09-16.xlsm


Tractor Pull Schedule 2022, v024 2022-09-16.pdf

Schedule me for your next event. I am available to serve as your announcer at truck  or tractor, horse and pony, children's pedal pulls.  I also announce parades, carnivals, and garden tractor circle races.   Car/truck/Motorcycle shows as well as Antique Machinery Shows.  Why I have even taken a stab as a wedding DJ for a couple of friends.  Scheduling now for 2022 - 2023 seasons!

Here are the download links to the schedule that I put together every year.  The Excel file has a couple of macros written that will allow you to sort based on date and time or location. 

This is the largest one I have ever done so hope you have lots of paper if you are going to print this out.  For you excel freaks I have macros in this sheet to allow you to sort by either date and time  (Ctrl-Shft-D) or else sort by location  (Ctrl-Shft-L).


So if your agricultural event is not on here send me the info so I can get it added.  Be sure to include date, time, event particulars (classes and weights, especially pulling order if possible), contact person, contact number, website location if applicable.

And yes I have retirement from my regular day job on the horizon (Jan 1, 2023) and that will allow me to spend more time doing these many events that I have been doing since about 1982 or 1983.

NOTE: All information regarding dates, times, classes or rules is based on information I have gathered or have been given and I cannot be responsible for changes by others or weather cancellations etc. 

 2022 Nascar Schedule.xlsx